Refund Policy


  • Unless your Owner provides a consent towards the refund policy.


We offer a full money-back guarantee for all transactions made on our App.

  • If Owner has given consent to refund the rent paid then Our Platform will consider your request and provide refund immediately.
  • If Services subscribed by tenant or owner on the App are not satisfied then with Service Provider consent, we shall provide refund immediately. However, For every service offered we provide a 7 day cancellation window. You are eligible for a full reimbursement within 7 calendar days of your transaction only.
  • After the 7-day period you will no longer be eligible and won’t be able to receive a refund. We encourage our customers to try the product (or service) in the first two days after their purchase to ensure it fits the needs.

If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us.

To raise refund requests, Go to Support page.